R Tutorials by William B. King, Ph.D.

UPDATE: All of these tutorials have been revised (January-March 2016). In addition, several new ones have been added. I'm glad people are finding them useful. Please have another look. Some of the tutorials have been changed extensively. (Others have changed little.) Mistakes, as I know of them, have been corrected. If you find mistakes I've missed, or new ones I've added, please let me know. If you've already sent me an e-mail, I'm not necessarily ignoring your suggestions. Most of my archived e-mails were lost several months ago when my e-mail software went belly up. I'm using a different e-mail client now! Same address though (see below). I will try to make corrections as I learn of the need for them.

A Demonstration (for those who just want to see what R is).

These tutorials should be done first and in order.

  1. Preliminaries
  2. R Objects
  3. Doing Arithmetic in R
  4. Simple Data Entry and Description
  5. Data Frames
  6. Saving and Loading R Objects

These tutorials can be done in any order after completing those above.

Other stuff.

Useful external links.

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Unfortunately, and gratifyingly, the volume of mail that has been generated by these tutorials has prevented me from answering general questions about R or statistics in most instances. If you have questions about R that I have not answered in these tutorials, I recommend one of the following R forums or resources:

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