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Algebra Practice (Dr. Dahal)
Trigonometry Practice (Dr. Dahal)
Written Introduction
Video Introduction
Worked Examples
Limit of a Function
Numerical Limits (Incognito)
Graphical Limits (Incognito)
Infinite Limits (Incognito)

Limit of a Function (Paul) One Sided Limits (Paul)
Approximating limits (Khan)
Estimating Limits (Table) (Khan)
Limit of a Function (Dahal)

2.2 Examples (O.Duncan)
Calculating Limits Using the Limit Laws
Computing Limits (Incognito)
Squeeze Theorem (Incognito)

One Sided Limits (Paul)
Limit Properties (Paul)
Limit Properties (Khan)
Limit by Substitution (Khan)
Limits by Factoring (Khan)
Computing Limits (Dahal)

2.3 Examples (O.Duncan)
Continuity (Incognito)
I.V.T. (Incognito)

Continuity (Paul)
Continuity (Khan)
Continuity (Dahal)

2.5 Examples (O.Duncan)
Limits at Infinity, Horizontal Asymptotes
Limits at Infinity (Incognito)

Limits at Infinity (I) (Paul)
Limits at Infinity (II) (Paul)
Limits at Infinity (Khan)
Limits at Infinity (Dahal)

2.6 Examples (O.Duncan)
Derivatives and Rates of Change
Definition of the Derivative (Incognito)
Differentiability (Incognito)

Definition of the Derivative (Paul)
Instantaneous Rate of Change (Khan)
Derivative at a Point (Dahal)

2.7 Examples (O.Duncan)
Derivative as a Function
Definition of the Derivative (Paul)
Derivative as a Concept (Khan)
Derivative Using the Definition (Dahal)

2.8 Examples (O.Duncan)

Derivative of Polynomials and Exponential Functions

Power Rule (Incognito)

Basic Differentiation Rules (Incognito)

Derivatives of Natural Exponential and Lograrithmic Functions (Incognito)

Differentiation Formulas (Paul)

Basic Derivative Formulas (Khan)
Derivatives of Polynomials (Dahal)

3.1 Examples (O.Duncan)
Product and Quotient Rules

Product Rule (Incognito)

Quotient Rule (Incognito)

Product and Quotient Rules (Paul)

Product, Quotient and Chain Rules (Khan)
Product and Quotient Rules (Dahal)

3.2 Examples (O.Duncan)
Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Derivatives of Sine and Cosine Functions (Incognito)

Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions (Paul)

Trigonometric Function Differentiation (Khan)
Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions (Dahal)

3.3 Examples (O.Duncan)
The Chain Rule

The Chain Rule (Incognito)

The Chain Rule (Paul)

The Chain Rule (Khan)

The Chain Rule (Dahal)

3.4 Examples (O.Duncan)
Implicit Differentiation

Implicit Differentiation (Incognito)

Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Incognito)

Implicit Differentiation (Paul)

Implicit Differentiation (Khan)
Implicit Differentiation (Dahal)

3.5 Examples (O.Duncan)
Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

Derivatives of Exponential And Logarithmic Functions (Incognito)

Table of Derivatives (Incognito)

More Problems on Derivatives (Incognito)

Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithm Functions (Paul)

Derivatives of Logarithm Functions (Khan)
Derivatives of Log Functions (Dahal)

3.6 Examples (O.Duncan)
Rates of Change in the Nat. and Soc. Sciences

Rectilinear Motion (Incognito)

Rates of Change (Incognito)

Rates of Change (Paul)

Rates of Change (Khan)
Rectilinear Motion(Dahal)

3.7 Examples (O.Duncan)
Related Rates

Related Rates (Incognito)

Related Rates (Paul)

Related Rates Intro (Khan)
Related Rates (Dahal)

3.9 Examples (O.Duncan)

Linear Approximation

Linear Approximation (Incognito)

Linear Approximations (Paul)

Local Linearization (Khan)
Linear Approximation (Dahal)

Maximum and Minimum Values

Critical Numbers (Incognito)

The Extreme Value Theorem (Incognito)

Maximum and Minimum Values (Paul)

Finding Absolute Extrema on a Closed Interval (Khan)
Maximum and Minimum Values (Dahal)

The Mean Value Theorem

Mean Value Theorem (Incognito)

Mean Value Theorem (Paul)

Mean Value Theorem (Khan)
Mean Value Theorem (Dahal)

How Derivatives Affect the Shape of a Graph

Increasing Decreasing Functions (Incognito)

Concavity (Incognito)

The Spahe of a Graph (I) (Paul)
The Spahe of a Graph (II) (Paul)

Curve Sketching (Khan)
Shape of a Graph (Dahal)

4.3 Examples (O.Duncan)
Indeterminate Forms and l'Hospital's Rule

L'Hopitals Rule (Incognito)

l'Hospitals Rule and Indeterminate Forms (Paul)

L'Hospitals Rule Introduction (Khan)
L'Hospitals Rule (Dahal)

4.4 Examples (O.Duncan)
Optimization Problems

Optimization (Incognito)

Optimization (Paul)

Optimization (Khan)
Optimization (Dahal)

4.7 Examples (O.Duncan)

Indefinite Integrals (Incognito)

Indefinite Integrals (Paul)

Properties of Indefinite Integrals (Paul)

Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals (Khan)

Antiderivatives (Dahal)

4.9 Examples (O.Duncan)

Areas and Distances

Riemann Sums (Incognito)

Area Problem (Paul)

Riemann Sums (Khan)

Areas (Dahal)

5.1 Examples (O.Duncan)

The Definite Integral

Definite Integrals (Incognito)

Computing Definite Integrals (Paul)

Definite Integrals (Khan)

The Definite Integral (Dahal)

5.2 Examples (O.Duncan)

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, II (Incognito)

Properties of Definite Integrals (Incognito)

Applications of Definite Integrals (Incognito)

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, I (Incognito)

Computing Definite Integrals (Paul)
Definite Integral Computation (Khan)

Sections 5.3 and 5.4 (Dahal)

5.3 Examples (O.Duncan)