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Technical Reports

  1. Michael A. Murphy and Heather K. Harton. “Evaluation of Local Networking in a Lustre-Enabled Virtualization Cluster.” Technical Report CU-CILAB-2007-1, Cyberinfrastructure Research Laboratory, School of Computing, Clemson University, Fall 2007. [PDF]
  2. Mike Murphy. “A Priori Adaptation of a State Machine Sensor Network.” Final Report, CIS 731, Syracuse University, Spring 2006. [PDF]
  3. Mike Murphy. “A Journey into Vagueness.” Final Report, CIS 600, Syracuse University, Spring 2006. [PDF]
  4. Mike Murphy. “AI Search Engine Implementation.” Final Report, CpSc 810, Clemson University, Fall 2004. [PDF]
  5. Mike Murphy. “A Preliminary Evaluation of the VisAD Visualization Toolkit.” Report to the Board of Directors, Shodor Educational Foundation, Inc., June 2003. [PDF]