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It is possible for you to be advised, and have your advising hold removed, without having to come to an advising appointment. I am able to do advising either via WebAdvisor or through email in most cases. Please note that I must be your assigned advisor in order to be able to do e-advising.

What Classes Do I Need to Take?

There are two ways to determine what classes you still need to take. One way is to follow the eAdvising link in WebAdvisor, which is located under the Academic Planning heading. The Course Planning Wizard can walk you through selecting courses that still need to be completed. As you select courses, you will create an academic plan that you can follow later whenever you register for courses. This process is slow, but it will guide you through the process of planning each section of your program requirements.

The second approach is faster but offers less guidance. You can look at your Program Evaluation (also under the Academic Planning Heading) to see what courses you still need to take. In general, these courses will be listed with “1 course needed” (or similar language). Courses that you have already taken will show the final grade. Other courses will be listed with the code “IP” (for current courses in progress) or “PR” (courses for which you are already registered).

Getting the Hold Removed

Whichever approach you use for selecting your courses, you still need to let me know which courses you plan to take. I will review your list and make suggestions or give alternates if necessary. If you’ve chosen to follow the eAdvising system in WebAdvisor, click the “email advisor(s)” link to have the system send me a message directly. Otherwise, if you make your preferred course list by hand, email that list to me.

Please allow 2-3 business days for me to review your course selections and get back to you. If you wait until the last minute, you probably won’t have your hold removed before you registration window opens.