MATH 160 Practice Questions    Algebra Review

Sec 2.2: The Limit of a Function       Sec 2.3: Calculating Limits      Sec 2.5: Continuity      Sec 2.6: Limits at Infinity     Sec 2.7: Derivatives and Rates of ChangeSec 2.8: The Derivative as a Function     Additional Practice 1   Sec 3.1: Derivatives of Polynomials      Sec 3.2: The Product and Quotient Rules      Sec 3.3: Derivatives of Trig Functions     Sec 3.4: The Chain Rule     Sec 3.5: Implicit Diff. and Der. of Inverse Trig     Sec 3.6: Derivative of Log Functions     Sec 3.7: Rates of Change      Additional Practice 2  

Sec 3.9: Related Rates    Sec 3.10: Linear ApproximationSec 4.1: Maximum and Minimum Values      Sec 4.2: The Mean Value Theorem    Sec 4.3: Shape of a Graph    Sec 4.4: L'Hopital's Rule      Sec 4.7: Optimization       Sec 4.9: Antiderivatives     Sec 5.1: Area and Distances     Sec 5.2: The Definite Integral    Sec 5.3 and 5.4: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


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