Basic Math and Statistics Review for Psyc 480
Topic Textbook Internet
addition, summation, additive effect p. 30-31 Wikipedia
fractions NA Wikipedia
absolute value NA Wikipedia
square and square root NA Wikipedia
reciprocal NA Wikipedia
rounding and truncation NA Wikipedia
significant digits NA Wikipedia
scientific notation NA Wikipedia
sequences of numbers NA MathsIsFun
logarithms NA Wikipedia
rules for exponents NA AlgebraLab
proportions, percentages, and rates NA Wikipedia
greater than and less than NA Wikipedia
reading graphs NA Beginning Algebra
linear equations and variables NA Wikipedia
quadratic and cubic equations NA Wikipedia
logarithmic, exponential, and other nonlinear functions NA Google Videos
Google Videos
scales of measurement p. 6-8 Wikipedia
probability p. 112-117 Wikipedia
experimental design NA Wikipedia
hypothesis testing chap. 4 Wikipedia
Thirteen Things You Should Be Able to Calculate On the Fly Without a Formula Sheet
1) sample mean p. 33 OnlineMathLearning
2) sample median p. 32-33 OnlineMathLearning
3) sum of squares p. 324 NA
4) sample variance p. 40-43 OnlineMathLearning
5) sample standard deviation p. 40-43 OnlineMathLearning
6) standard error of the sample mean p. 183 Wikipedia
7) 95% confidence interval for the sample mean p. 192
8) standard ("z") score p. 54 Wikipedia
9) weighted mean NA Wikipedia
10) pooled variance p. 206 Wikipedia
11) t statistic p. 185-186 Wikipedia
12) covariance p. 250-251 Visual Statistics
13) correlation coefficient p. 252 Wikipedia