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Course Contingency Plan

The courses I teach are normally either distance learning (online) or hybrid. Per the CCU Academic Continuity Plan, courses will continue online whenever the University is unable to hold in-person classes. If the University should close for a lengthy period of time, or if the classroom or building should become unusable, any class meetings will be canceled, and the material will be replaced with online instruction. An updated syllabus may be necessary as conditions require.

For official University announcements during periods of irregular operation, please consult the CCU Advisory page.

Preparing for Contingencies

Whenever you leave the Conway area (or your home area if remote) for any reason, take your laptop with you! This includes all University breaks, weekend travel, hurricane evacuations, and so forth. By having your computer on hand, you will be prepared in case a contingency arises whenever you’re away from campus. Note that the contingency doesn’t have to be a major virus pandemic or a hurricane. If you become sick or injured on a trip and cannot return to campus, having your laptop will make it possible for you to contact your professors and obtain assignments.

Fall Semester Courses

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, although tropical storms and hurricanes rarely form outside these months. For the area around Coastal Carolina University, the threat of hurricanes is highest from late August through mid October. Since this time corresponds with fall semester, you need to be prepared if a hurricane threatens. My Hurricane Information page has links to preparation information.

Coastal Carolina University has considerable experience with handling hurricanes. We’ve had interruptions as frequently as four times in four years: Matthew (2016), Irma (2017), Florence (2018), and Dorian (2019). If you live on campus, you are required to have a Personal Evacuation Plan, which should include provisions for transportation home in the event we have to close campus.

If you live off campus, consult the South Carolina Emergency Management Division Know Your Zone application to determine whether or not you’re in an evacuation area. If the Governor orders an evacuation for your zone, you must leave and move inland. Otherwise, if you choose to stay, ensure that you have ample food and water to remain self-sufficient for a minimum of 3 days.

I’m required to continue working (class, advising, meetings, etc.) during hurricane closures and will therefore normally move inland to ensure continued power and Internet access.

Evacuation Checklist

If you have to evacuate, be prepared to be gone anywhere from a few days to many weeks. Take the following items with you:

Please do NOT return to campus, including to your housing unit, until you receive official word from the University that campus is reopening.