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pertaining to Horry County, South Carolina

Ben Burroughs
Horry County Archives Center
Coastal Carolina University

The Horry County Archives Center is located in room 220 of Kimbel Library at Coastal Carolina University

History of the Little River area of
Horry County, South Carolina

Map of Waties Island / Little River Neck area

1918 Soil Survey Map of the Little River area of SC

PowerPoint - Little River Neck area and Waties Island

Waties Island And Little River Neck Area - Chronological List Of Events

Waties Island Significance

Waties Island History

Indian Mounds

Village of Little River


Boundary House

Little River Neck

Colkins Neck

Little River Area Deeds

Revolutionary War Encampment

Cherry Grove Plantation

Cherry Grove Beach & East Cherry Grove Beach

Big Landing Plantation

Vereen Memorial Gardens

Randall Plantation

Fort Randall

Union Blockade

Blockade Runners

Index of Articles that Refer to Little River in The Official Records Of The Union And Confederate Navies

Tilghman Point

Intracoastal Waterway

Primary Sources from the 1700s related to Horry County

Journal of "A Young Gentleman" from England while exploring this area 1733-1735

Diary of Rev. George Whitefield 1740

Diary of Rev. John McDowell 1762

Diary of Rev. John Barnett 1767

Diary of John Bartram 1765

Journal of Charles Woodmason 1766-1768

Diary of William Bartram 1773-1776

Memoirs of Rev. James Jenkins 1764-1842 (contains some local Revolutionary War accounts)

Journal of Johann David Schoepf 1784

Journal of Rev. Francis Asbury 1785-1815

Diary of George Washington 1791

Information on other Historical Sites in Horry County

Uauenee (or the Great Bluff) - Indian Trade Commissioners Journal, 1716-1718

Woodbourne Plantation

Oregon Plantation

Longwood Plantation

Upper Mill Plantation

The Ark Plantation

Withers' Plantation

Long Bay Plantation

Peter Vaught's Plantation

Crabtree Plantation

Snow Hill

A Description of the Village of Conwayborough (Conway, SC) in 1862 by Rev. William Wyndham Malet

History of Kingston Presbyterian Church, Conway, SC

Kingston's Old Village Burial Ground (graves listed in alpabetical order)

Kingston's Old Village Burial Ground (graves listed in family groupings)

Interviews with former slaves from this area

Sabe Rutledge (Ark Plantation - now Surfside Beach area)

Aunt Ellen Godfrey (Longwood Plantation - now Blackmoor Golf Course in Collins Creek area)

Mom Ellen Godfrey (Longwood Plantation - now Blackmoor Golf Course in Collins Creek area)

Ben Horry (Brookgreen Plantation - now Brookgreen Gardens)

Picture of Ben Horry

Aunt Mariah Heywood (Midway Plantation on Waccamaw and Sunnyside in Murrells Inlet)

Other Items of Interest

Newspaper account of the construction of the railroad in Conway in 1887

Newspaper account of the steamboat Maggie burning in 1897

Letter from Peter Vaught, Sr. to SC Gov. Francis W. Pickens dated 22 Jun 1861

Letter from Union officer stationed in Conwayborough, SC to Gov. of Maine dated 4 Aug 1865

Notes from "The Naval Stores Industry in the Antebellum South, 1789-1861"
A thesis by Precival Perry, 1947, Duke University

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