Introduction to Buddhism

Ronald S. Green PhD, Coastal Carolina University


Ratnasambhava, South in the Mandala. He holds a cintamani.


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Part 1:

Satipatthana Sutta

The Dhammapada, chapters 1-4, audio recording (mp3)


Part 2:

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life (PowerPoint in pdf format)

Introduction to Buddhist Iconography

Review of Southeast Asian Buddhism and Politics


Part 3:

Mahayana Flow Chart

Spread of Buddhism - Map

Yogacara - The Basics (mp3 audio)

NY Times travel article on Mount Kōya (Oct. 11, 2017)

Gyōki Bodhisattva (668–749) and Early Japanese Yogācāra

Kōbō Daishi Kūkai (774–835) Founder of Japanese Shingon Esoteric Buddhism

Kūkai's Poetry - description and translations

Meditation in Buddhism and Hinduism - Classical and Modern Dhyāna and Yoga (class syllabus)

108 Buddhist Movies - Buddhism in Literature and Film class

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