Yoav Wachsman, Ph.D.
Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University
119 Chanticleer Dr., 301B
Conway, SC 29526

Phone: (843) 349-2683
Fax: (843) 349-2455
E-mail: yoav@coastal.edu

Dr. Yoav Wachsman is an assistant professor of economics at the Wall College of Business in Coastal Carolina University. He completed his Ph.D. and master degrees in economics at the University of Hawaii and his bachelor degree in economics at Salisbury State University. His areas of expertise are microeconomics and game theory, resource economics and public economics.

In the past, Dr. Wachsman used game theory to investigate the interaction of fishermen in common-pool fisheries while working for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Honolulu. He also used an experiment to investigate how individuals interact when they have to decide how to allocate their resources between a local public good and a global public good.

Dr. Wachsman also conducts research on economics of tourism. He is currently using game theory to investigate the economic role of travel agents in a tourism economy. Furthermore, Dr. Wachsman acts as a consultant for businesses, organizations and government agencies by conducting cost-benefit and economic impact analyses through the Center for Economic and Community Development at Coastal Carolina University.

Dr. Wachsman is also a dedicated instructor. He teaches microeconomics, macroeconomics, environmental & resource economics, economics of leisure & tourism and developmental economics. Additionally, he conducts workshops on teaching techniques at Coastal Carolina University and other universities. The workshops teach college instructors how to design and administrate dynamic courses as well as how to use technology in the classroom.