Some Calculus II (Math 161) Practice Questions   Algebra Review

Sec 5.4: Review of integration       Sec 5.5: The Substitution Rule      Sec 6.1: Area between Curves    Sec 6.2: Volume by Slicing (disk/washer) Sec 6.3: Volume by Cylindrical Shells     Misc: disk/washer/shell       Sec 6.5: Average Value of a Function Sec 7.1: Integration by Parts      Sec 7.2: Trigonometric Integrals       Sec 7.3: Trigonometric Substitutions      Sec 7.4: Integration by Partial Fractions      Sec 7.8: Improper Integrals Sec 8.1: Arc LengthSec 9.3: Separable differential equations    Sec 11.1: Sequences       Sec 11.2: Series (Geometric and Telescoping)       Sec 11.3: The Integral Test    Sec 11.4: The Comparison TestsSec 11.5: Alternating Series       Sec 11.6: The Ratio and Root Tests      Sec 11.7: Strategy for Testing Series       Sec 11.8: Power series      Sec 11.9: Representation of Functions as Power Series Sec 11.10: Taylor and Maclaurin Series  Sec 11.11 Taylor Polynomials


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