STAT 201 Resource Page

Review Activities

The following are links to interactive review activities for each section of STAT 201. For problems that require calculations, please consistenly round to three or four decimal places. Otherwise, your answer may be classified as incorrect. If you notice any errors or issues, please notify your instructor or Dr. Pritchard at As a side note, the producer of all the digital content for STAT 201 is Dr. Pritchard's dog, Hank. He is a sweetie!

Section 1.1 and 1.2 (Data Collection)

Section 1.3 (Data Visualization for a Single Variable)

Section 1.4 (Data Summarization with Numbers)

Section 1.5 (Data Visualization for Comparing Two Variables)

Section 1.6 (Study Designs and Conclusions)

Section 2.1 (Probability)

Section 2.2.1 (Discrete Distributions)

Section 2.2.2 (Binomial Distribution)

Section 2.3 (Normal Distribution)

Section 3.1 (Sampling Distribution of the Proportion)

Section 3.2 (Confidence Intervals for One Proportion)

Section 3.3 (Hypothesis Test for One Proportion)

Section 3.4 (Inference for Two Proportions)

Section 4.1 (Sampling Distribution of the Mean)

Section 4.2 (Inference for One Mean)

Section 4.3 (Inference for Two Means)

Section 4.4 (ANOVA)

Chapter 5 (Associations Between Quantitative Variables)

Recorded Lectures

The following are links to video lectures activities used during the summer distance learning section of STAT 201. Due to size constraints on this server, these activities have been converted from HTML to MP4 files. As a result, they are no longer interactive which means you will not be able to answer the review questions and knowledge checks. However, the review questions and knowledge checks have been combined to create interactive review activities which are found at the top of this page.

Section 1.1 and 1.2 (Basic Vocabulary and Sampling)

Section 1.3 (Data Visualizations for a Single Variable)

Section 1.4 (Data Summaries for a Single Variable)

Section 1.5 and 1.6.1 (Data Visualizations for Comparing Variables and Types of Studies)

Section 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 (Experimental Design)

Section 2.1 (Probability Part I)

Section 2.1 (Probability Part II) and Section 2.2.1 (Discrete Probability Distributions)

Section 2.2.2 (The Binomial Distribution)

Section 2.3 (The Normal Distribution)

Section 3.1 (The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Proportion)

Section 3.2 (The One Sample Proportion Confidence Interval)

Section 3.3 (The One Sample Proportion Hypothesis Testing)

Section 3.4 (Two Sample Proportion Inference)

Section 4.1 (The Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean)

Section 4.2 (One Sample Mean Inference)

Section 4.3 (Two Sample Mean Inference)

Section 4.4 (ANOVA)

Chapter 5 (Scatterplots, Correlation, and Regression)