BIOL 122 - Introductory Biology (Spring)

BIOL 370 - Ecology (Fall)

BIOL 391 - Natural History of Ecuador and the Galapagos
(every other Maymester) - 20 day field course that visits
multiple field stations in Ecuador and the Galapagos.
Maymester 2008 is coming soon!!

BIOL 499 - Undergraduate directed research -
Hydrogeologic survey of Carolina Bays, Community
sampling techniques, Blue crab distribution and
abundance, Herptology field study, Landscape ecology,
Distribution of fiddler crabs relative water level and tide,
Conservation easement oversight

CMWS 602 (Fall)- Graduate Ecology

CMWS 601 (Fall)- Graduate Coastal Processes

CMWS 675 (Spring)- Wetland Management

CMWS 697/698/699 - Graduate Seminar Series

CMWS 6xx- Graduate Special Topics - Carolina Bay
ecology, Landscape Ecology, Blackwater low gradient
Cypress Swamp ecology