Great Miami River Salt marsh shoreline

Professor and Chair

Department of Biology
P.O. Box 261954
Coastal Carolina University
Conway, SC 29528-6054
Voice: 843-349-2169
Fax: 843-349-2201
E-mail: jjhutche@coastal.edu


2000 Ph.D. University of Georgia, Institute of Ecology
1994 M.S. Virginia Tech, Department of Biology
1989 B.S. Virginia Tech, Department of Biology

Professional Experience

Professor of Biology, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC
Associate Professor of Biology, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC
Assistant Professor of Biology, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC
Post-doc, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, OH
Post-doc, Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth, MN


BIOL 122 Biological Science II
BIOL 370 Principles of Ecology
BIOL 370L Principles of Ecology Laboratory
BIOL 481/581 Freshwater Ecology
BIOL 481L/581 Freshwater Ecology Laboratory
BIOL 484/584 Conservation Ecology + Laboratory (BIOL 484L/584L)

Research interests

Structure and function of stream and wetland ecosystems
Bioassessment of freshwater habitats
Production ecology of aquatic macroinvertebrates
Linkages between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems
Invertebrate-macrophyte interactions
Controls on Venus' flytrap prey composition

Publications (* indicates CCU CMWS graduate student)

Google Scholar profile; ResearchGate profile

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