Long Island, Papua New Guinea
Dr. Jenna C. Hill
JCHIll @ Kilauea JCHill at Glacier Grey
JCHill in the Salton Sea
Research Interests
My research is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing insights from paleoceanography, sequence stratigraphy, climate history, sedimentology, fluvial morphology, geomorphology, geochemistry and physical oceanography.

Landscape Evolution

I am intereseted in understanding the influences of varying climate, relative sea level change and tectonics on the development of continental margins, both onshore and off.  Examining these processes involves studying coastal and nearshore to outer continental shelf sedimentation, stratigraphy, tectonic processes, paleoclimate, relative sea level change, and fluvial morphology and sedimentation, as well as onshore/offshore interactions.

Geologic Framework

Geophysical surveys with Chirp subbottom profiling, sidescan sonar, and multibeam bathymetry, along with sediment analyses (e.g., grain size, mineralogy, foraminera), provide an excellent suite of tools to investigate the geologic history and processes that control coastal and marine environments.

Prospective Graduate Students: I am currently looking for students interested in working on projects related to (1) Geologic controls on submarine landslides; (2) Fluvial/meltwater drainage channels and paleoclimate in Arctic Alaska; (3) Nearshore geologic framework and hardbottom habitats; (4) Fluvial morphology and landscape resonses to long term climate change.

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