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Undergraduate Supervised Research: prevoius research students

The following students have performed research under my supervision. Motivated Biology students at CCU who are eager to apply the scientific method ( in a lab setting are encourage to contact me to learn how to get involved.

Kevron performing semi-quantitative rtPCR to estimate the
expression of genes involved in sulfur metabolism in plants.

Nicole setting up a conventional PCR. She also used a
real-time PCR to quantitate transcripts of sulfur-related genes.

(left) Miguel at the synchotron at the ALS in Berkeley, CA. He assisted with the mapping and
speciation of zinc in the roots of wetland plants (Juncus species) native to South Carolina

(right) Miguel designing primers to detect microRNA (miRNA) via semi-quantitative rtPCR.
His project investigated miRNA regulation of sulfur genes in plants grown on toxic selenate.

Nicole, Doug Van Hoewyk, and Miguel in the field collecting Stanlyea pinnata, a plant capable
of hyperaccumulating selenium

Kaitlyn measured various photosynthetic parameters indicative of stressin corn and sunflower plants growing under nitrogen or sulfur starvation,
and presented at the 2010 South Carolina Academy of Sciences meeting .

Patrick performed quantitative PCR analysis to measure the expression of a plant microRNA that was induced by selenate.