Department of English
Coastal Carolina University

The Department of English offers an exciting curriculum in literary and cultural studies, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, linguistics, and technical and professional writing. We take great pride in our unique student-centered classes, innovative teaching methods, and close faculty-student interaction. In addition to the English Major and the English Minor, the department offers an wide array of minors in Creative Writing, Southern Studies, New Media Studies, and Linguistics which are available to students of any major. At the graduate level, the department offers a dynamic Master of Arts in Writing designed to create more proficient writers in order to meet challenges in areas of professional writing, creative writing, and writing instruction. —Department Chair Maria Bachman

Thomas W. & Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities & Fine Arts
Coastal Carolina University

In the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, we stress the values of intellectual vitality, moral agency, aesthetic appreciation, and creative engagement inside and outside the classroom. Through the courses we offer and the programs we support, students learn that to have achieved competence in the liberal, visual, or performing arts—philosophy, sculpture, history, photography, music, English (the list goes on)—is to possess a tool necessary to improve the world in which we live. The humanities and fine arts are not nice concepts that we enjoy in leisure after the real work of the world is done. They are the real work of the world. —Dean Dan Ennis

Waccamaw Center for Cultural and Historical Studies
Coastal Carolina University

The mission of the Waccamaw Center for Cultural and Historical Studies is to involve faculty, students, and the community in the rich heritage of the local area along the beautiful and historic Waccamaw River which runs from North Carolina past Coastal Carolina University down to Georgetown, South Carolina. Boasting a wide array of public programs, the center also conducts archaeological investigations on historic and prehistoric sites and coordinates research in a number of areas, including colonial life, slavery, the Revolutionary War, and the history of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding territory. —Director Wink Prince