Instructor: Dr. Ronald Green
               Coastal Carolina University

drawing of world surrounded by symbols of numerous religions
Introduction to World Religions

RELG 103-12 Syllabus and Calendar for Fall 2017

RELG 103-H12 Syllabus and Calender for Fall 2017

drawing are dancing Shiva
Hinduism Vocabulary and Ideas
Link to Indian Marker Ad
Discussion and Review of Hinduism and Buddhism

photo of Buddha statue in Nara, Japan
Vocabulary and Ideas

The Dhammapada, chapters 1-4, audio recording (mp3)

Discussion and Review of Hinduism and Buddhism

        drawing of sacred pipe

Native American spirituality
                            and Japanese Shinto

Vocabulary and Ideas
Drawing of Shinto torii gate    

Discussion and Review - Native American

Discussion and Review - Shinto

Old Chinese drawing of Confucian virtues
Chinese Religions:
                     Confucianism and Daoism
Vocabulary and Ideas
Link to Qigong interview
Discussion and Review

Menora drawing
Judaism Vocabulary and Ideas


Red and black drawing of three crosses on a hill
Christianity Vocabulary and Ideas

white star and crescent moon on red background, recognized as a symbol of Islamcrescent
Islam Vocabulary and Ideas
                            Abrabamic Religions - Discussion and Review