Cheating 101

In 1999, I began this project with my colleague Margaret "Peggy" Bates. After her retirement, I have continued to maintain the project.

"Cheating 101" was initially designed to be a website supporting librarians and faculty who were dealing with newly emerged www environment and the ease with which students could acquire papers. The most controversial part of the website turned out to be the list of "term paper mills", a list developed to help teachers. Some visitors saw it as an aid to students. Initially this list had only 35 sites. In the ensuing years, the numbers of term paper sites have substantially increased and I no longer actively look for new term paper sites, as it easy to find them in a search engine.

The website was initially hosted by Kimbel Library at Coastal Carolina University, but with the current revision of the official library website, it has moved now to its new home at

The current iteration of Cheating 101 contains the following PDF files:

Cheating 101: Paper Mills and You

Detecting Plagiarized Papers

Strategies for Combating Plagiarism

Additional Plagiarism Information Sites

Internet Paper Mill Sites

Source Readings