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Dr. Jenna C. Hill
Student Research
CMWS Graduate Students:

Bradley Craig - M.S. 2014: Late Cenozoic evolution of sedimentation and slope stability along the U.S. Atlantic margin

Matthew Carter - M.S. 2014: Characterization of submarine groundwater discharge in a back barrier tidal creek

Rangley Mickey - M.S. 2013: Sediment impact on the formation of hypoxic water in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Jenny Fierro M.S. 2010: Sediment provenance of a shore-oblique sand body, Long Bay, South Carolina

Prospective Graduate Students: I am currently looking for students interested in working on projects related to (1) Geologic controls on submarine landslides; (2) Fluvial/meltwater drainage channels and paleoclimate in Arctic Alaska; (3) Nearshore geologic framework and hardbottom habitats; (4) Fluvial morphology and landscape resonses to long term climate change.

MSCI Undergraduate Students:

Jessamin Straub
(CCU '15) -- "Fluvial morphology and bedform migration in the ebb tidal dominated Duplin River, Georgia" presentedat the Fall 2014 AGU Meeting in San Francisco, CA

Kelly Gregorcyk (CCU '13) -- "Benthic habitat mapping of Port Jefferso Harbor in Long Island Sound, NY" presented at ASLO 2013 in New Orleans, LA

Shannon Klotsko
(CCU '11) -- "The Influence of geologic framework on habitat and sediment distribution in Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary" presented at Ocean Sciences 2010 in Portland, Oregon

Stephanie Miller (CCU '10) -- "Geological impacts on sediment transport and beach erosion in Fire Island, New York" presented at ICAR 2009 in Alexandria, Egypt

And many more! I've just listed a couple of student presentations here...

Note to CCU Undergrads: We have a lot of students working with us in the Center for Marine & Wetland Studies -- if you are interested in getting involved in Geo- research, just stop by and talk with me or any of the researchers in the Center.
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