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my picture Dr. Debendra P. Banjade
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Coastal Carolina University
Conway, SC 29528 U.S.A.
Office: Wall 101 J
Telephone: 843-349-6569

Welcome to my home page. I hope you will find it useful. Please click on a topic below.

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If you are a current student of mine, here you may find some information (which is updated from time to time) such as office hours for this semester and so on. Each course listed has the syllabus, homework, some tests (where applicable) and so on. Just click on the course number and you will be guided to the information that you want.

Courses I am teaching in Spring 2016 (click for information):

Office hours for Spring 2016: MWF, 9:00-10:00 11:00-12:00, T 2:00-3:00 or by appointment.

Some previous courses that I taught at Coastal


My reserach interests lie in the areas of complex analysis and operator theoey. I have worked on the following topics:


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